Work with ForSight Consulting

We believe in a new way of working around areas of expertise and working in projects. Based on your talents, expertise, (communication) skills and entrepreneurship you will initiate and participate in challenging modernization projects. You are the master of your own career and we can inspire you and provide the conditions to support your own development as a professional and human being. If you want to join us, please keep the following key values in mind:

  • Have fun and be enthusiastic
  • Focus and be result oriented with a positive mindset
  • Be open to new opportunities as an entrepreneur
  • Be creative, innovative and use your wisdom
  • Keep it simple
  • Be a team player, keep your individuality and show passion for what you do
  • Be responsible in what you do and take responsibility for what you have done
  • Be flexible and persistent to deliver results and value for the customer
  • Have self-discipline, be eager to learn and improve every day from feedback provided and through self-reflection
  • Be clear, ethical, open and excellent in communication
  • Say what you do and do what you say. Say what you mean and mean what you say.
  • Show gratitude, be humble and unselfish
  • Take care of yourself and stay fit
  • Be respectful, integer and trustworthy in whatever you do

As part of our associate contract, at least one day a month is spend on personal development, learning new software functions and share best practices. You are mentored on professional and communication skills provided by our Strategy Director Marion van Diemen. This is part of the associate contract, as we highly value personal development (grow craftsmanship and skills) and want to maintain a high standard of excellence for services provided to customers.